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URBC is offering three week-long camps this summer running in the afternoons and evenings for busy families. Absolutely no experience is necessary to get in a boat on the first day and compete in the "Upper River Cup" on the last! You'll learn about boat handling, using the rowing machines ("ergs"), all the crazy terminology we use (which one is starboard, again?) and best of all, spend a ton of time on the water actually rowing. With experienced athletes to help keep your boats steady and safe and URBC's great coaches to guide you, you'll learn a new sport and be ready to start in the fall with your school or club team!

New this year: Adult-only Learn-to-Row in the evenings.

Scroll all the way down for the registration. This camp will run June 17-21, Monday - Friday, from 6pm - 8pm at Core Creek. Taught by instructors with years of experience coaching and teaching adult rowers, this LTR will be a great introduction to rowing for novice adults. Try something new, or find out exactly what your son or daughter has been going through! Scroll down!


A typical day looks something like this:

8am - 11:45am

8am: Arrival -  All campers arrive, go over technique on land and on ergs.

8:30am: Everyone takes to the water in an eight-person or four-person rowing shell, with two experienced high school athletes in the boat to help keep it steady and set the pace. Sweep rowing (one oar per person) and sculling (two oars per person). 

10am: Snacktime. Campers should bring water to take in the boat with them as well. 

10:30: Back on the water! By the end of the week you'll be able to row in two-person or even one-person rowing shells!

11:45 Departure - Pick up.


August 12-16 *

* The August LTR camp is open to anyone, but is highly recommended for those who have already done one week of LTR camp and want to do another, and/or who are planning to start rowing at HGP or VJM in the coming school year. 


Rising 7th - 11th graders, girls and boys. Campers must be able to swim and be at least five feet tall. 


Core Creek Park - Langhorne, PA


LTR Camp August 12-16

Upper River’s advanced introduction to rowing, August 12-16.

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