A day in the life of a URBC athlete is designed to make sure you're able to get the most out of your practices while spending your summer focused on rowing. We won't burn you out, but we will make sure you're working as hard as anyone you may have to line up against at the starting line.

6:30am - Breakfast on your own in the dorms.

Our summer housing has a full kitchen in each 2-bedroom apartment (each bedroom sleeps two).

7:15 - Vans depart for boathouse. 

UR is practicing this year on the calm section of the Delaware River near Burlington, NJ at the Delaware River Rowing Club. There are 2500m of protected water behind Burlington Island, just across the river from Northeast Philadelphia - and, on most days, over five miles more in EACH DIRECTION - making for an unparalleled training opportunity.

Local camper may also meet the vans at Villanova and ride with us to and from practice each day. 

8am - First practice begins. 

URBC rowers have access to a fleet of high-quality small boats including singles, doubles, and pairs. Our high coach-athlete ratio ensures that everyone is getting the attention they need to improve, every day.

10:30am - Back on land.

Time for body-weight circuits, stretching, core work, and other land-based fitness work.

11-1 - Lunch, video review, or relaxation at Doane Academy, just a half mile away. 

Day campers who wish to purchase a meal plan over the summer may do so. At Doane URBC campers have access to air-conditioned classrooms and lunch rooms, locker rooms, classrooms and video review areas, as well as a weight room with ergs for testing and workouts. 

1:30 - Second practice on the water begins. 

4:30 Vans arrive back at Villanova - pick up for local campers. Dorm athletes can relax until dinner! There may occasionally be speakers in the afternoons, however.

6-7 - Dinner at Villanova

7-10 - Movie night, vans to King of Prussia Mall or other shopping destination, or other activity.

There isn’t something planned every night, but many nights there will be. We also have general outings scheduled over the summer to movies, local major and minor league sports teams, and other events. Of course, we’ll also be on the road traveling extensively. During travel schedules are set for optimal performance at every race.

10pm - Lights out.

Campers often opt to “check in” earlier in the evening – they are working hard over the summer and value their sleep!

More details about residential life will be available later in the spring for interested athletes and families. Every camper who stays at Villanova over the summer, however, will have 24/7 access to an adult staffer or coach who has experience working with high school athletes, been trained on residential life as well as youth safety, and undergone full background checks. Villanova is in a safe residential neighborhood with 24 hour security. We are 100% committed to providing a safe and fun environment both on and off the water.