Below is the application for Upper River Boat Club's Summer 2017 Summer Racing Camp. Please take note of the following before submitting your application:

  • You will be notified within 10 days of our receiving your application whether or not you have been accepted or if we'd like more time to speak with you, your coaches, your parents, or wait on any further evaluation.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the spring. The application DEADLINE is June 1. 
  • There is no application fee; however please be considerate of the coach's time and only fill out the full application if you are serious about rowing this summer.
  • Please fill out the application as fully as possible, even if you are an alum and you believe we already have your information!

The costs for Summer 201 is $1650. That covers everything except food for Boston.

Financial aid is available for qualifying families. Please contact the Director if you anticipate requesting financial aid.

We will accept no more than 12 athletes for Summer 2017

A $500 deposit is due within ten days of your acceptance to hold your spot at camp. 


Athlete Name *
Athlete Name
Athlete Birthday *
Athlete Birthday
If you are a parent filling out this form on behalf of your son or daughter, please provide your name and email.
All the following information is for the athletes, unless otherwise specified.
Athlete Phone *
Athlete Phone
How many years have you been rowing? Feel free to elaborate in the space provided below.
Sides *
Indicate what side(s) you you can row.
Please indicate your best 2000m test score, and when you pulled it.
Please indicate your best 6000m erg score time and when you pulled it. If you don't have a recent 6k but you have a 5k or 20 or 30 minute test, please list that.
Please list any other erg scores you think might be relevant to us - 500m, max watts, 10k, hour, etc.
Please list any RELEVANT racing experience - whether you compete in dual races in New England, Manny Flicks in Philadelphia, or regional events elsewhere, let us know any notable results and what boat you were in. For championship races, let us know how you did.
Please list anything else you think might be useful - other camps you have attended, unique rowing experiences or skills you have, anything you think might help us know you're a good fit for us.
Please list at least one coach who knows you well enough to comment on your abilities as a rower and teammate. Please provide both e-mail and phone contact if possible.
How Did You Hear About Us? *
Finally, please let us know how you heard about us!