Upper River Sports offers summer sports experiences and rental of RESOLUTE Racing Shells.

Upper River Boat Club

For serious athletes who are dedicated to their sport, we bring equally dedicated coaches and an intensive focus on the whole experience of rowing: not just training and competing, but specialized skills, fitness, mental development and sports psychology - all in a fully-inclusive camp setting.

URBC starts from the premise that every athlete deserves a camp that focuses on providing the best possible experience for each athlete. That nothing about a sports camp experience should get in the way of their success on the field, and that the experience of camp away from practice and games is just as important as what happens on the field. Development isn't just a buzzword at UR. Neither is process, and neither is experience. They are specific philosophies that drive everything we do. 

RESOLUTE Racing Shell Rental

UR has a limited number of racing shells for regatta or seasonal rentals. All are excellently maintained, top-notch RESOLUTE shells. For more information, click here.